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I started drawing since child. Went to art workshops when teenager, and studied part on Painting techiniques carrer in Guadalajara's University. I also studie half of the Carrer of Painting Degree in Guadalajara's University and the full carrer of Fine Arts Degree in ENAP, UNAM.

2010 - present



Escuela Nacional de Artes Plasticas(ENAP). Univarsidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM)



Licenciatura en Artes Visuales

2010 - present




Sebastian Moreno Coronel


(Atoyac, Mexico, 1971-)




He was born and grew up until he reached his teens, in a small town in the south of Jalisco, the land of Tequila, the mariachi and Jose Clemente Orozco, Juan Soriano, Raul Anguiano, Juan Jose Arreola and Juan Rulfo.


After a childhood marked by the tutelary restraint of religion, he gradually developed his imaginary world, which has since led him to an understanding of reality through the discovery of his own body.


The body as a pictorial constant was introduced in the work of this artist, by the hand of comic magazines, as well as religious representations, hence the constant references to these signs and their particular visual discourse.


Nudity has been part of his work since his first stage, in which -still a teenager- his father tried to censor the use of his recently discovered sexuality towards this author. From then on, the representation of the nude, predominantly male, has symbolized for this artist the possibility of expressing himself as an autonomous individual, owner of each part of himself and capable of exercising his right to enjoyment and administration of it.


Nudism, as a kind of liberation, not defenselessness, permeates the works in which men discover themselves and others, enjoying the possibility of meeting, comparing and relating through the senses and physical contact.


In art as his religion of life, the author touches the limits of desire and its realization, while painting men who, by containing their forces, project them as vibrations that tense the environment recharged by buried homoeroticism and the spirit of male who tries to impose himself on his competitors.


Sebastian Moreno Coronel's artistic training began around 1986, in a high school art workshop, parallel to another at the Casa de la Cultura de Ciudad Guzman, in his native Jalisco.


Around 1990, he came into contact with the artistic world of Guadalajara, where he participated in the artistic workshops of the Cabañas Cultural Institute.


It is not until 1992, when he decides, after his attempts to have a "normal" career in science, to enter the technical career in Painting, at the School of Plastic Arts of the University of Guadalajara. There he spent three years learning the techniques of drawing, painting, sculpture and photography. Then he went on to the recently started Bachelor of Painting, which did not satisfy his wishes and he left after three semesters, to continue in the Federal District.


In 1997 he entered the Bachelor of Visual Arts at the National School of Plastic Arts, belonging to the National Autonomous University of Mexico. As a student of the High Academic Demand Program, he obtained the program's scholarship, which allowed him to continue his career until the end. At that time he also obtained the training scholarship granted by Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX), through the Casa de Santa Hipolita Foundation. At the same time, he was awarded a scholarship in the PAEA program (High Academic Demand Program) which consisted of a committed mason in the career as well as a high level of academic performance in all subjects.


In 1999 he traveled to Europe for the first time, visiting Italy and Greece, where he visited the Venice Biennale and attended the Congress on El Greco in Rethimo, Crete. This first approach to the old continent will mark his future work, starting with the series “Recent Pasts” (2001).

Other annual trips will follow, covering new countries, including France, Spain, England, Germany and Holland. When making a tour of the various museums in Europe, direct knowledge of pictorial works will be decisive in his next projects, in which references to classical and romantic themes will always be present, as well as pictorial allusions to the avant-garde of Early century. In this sense, the author still considers himself a product of the generation that grew up with a contemplative and reverent attitude towards the pictorial myths of the West, an influence from which he has no longer been able to shake off.


In 2002, he got to know Catalonia more thoroughly, by doing a work stay at the Rodriguez Amat Foundation, in Les Olives (Garrigoles), in Bajo Ampurdan. This is how he gets involved with his artistic community and enters into the daily dynamics through his Catalan partner. This will determine the decision to leave his country to integrate fully with his new family, and with an environment that has now placed him in L'Escala, Girona, a privileged site on the Catalan Costa Brava, with beaches and coves full of life, mystery and pleasure, in addition to the historical anthropological site of Empuries (Ampurias), from where the new pictorial images of this young artist emerge.


In 2006 he married his partner, thanks to the legal recognition of same-sex unions. This event transforms the reality of this artist, who finally begins to see the dreams that have taken him to Europe come true.


In 2007 he opened his store in L'Escala, which functions as a workshop and gallery, presenting the work of Mexican artists, such as: Rigel Herrera, Cristina Alfaro and Jose Antonio Platas, as well as the work of local artists and Catalan artisans. The economic situation makes the store close its doors in 2008, therefore returning to work at home, where he has his studio and workshop.


In 2009 he was granted Spanish nationality, which he shares with his native. This will allow from this moment a greater impulse to his career and his aspirations. Let this be an approach to the life and work of this author who, at 51 years of age, still has a lot to create and to live. Life to be shared with those who open their minds and their sensitivity, as well as the walls of their homes to his work.





Sebastian Moreno Colonel. Atoyac, Jalisco. July 31, 1971




1997- 2001 Bachelor of Visual Arts. High Academic Demand Program. National School of Plastic Arts (ENAP). UNAM





"Synthesis in fragments"

House of Culture of Atoyac, Jalisco, Mexico.



Center for Sexual Diversity of Mexico City.

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Center Culturel du Botanique. Brussels. Belgium


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KEMEWEME. Top Bar. Pineda de Mar. Spain


"Three years and a wish"

Padam Padam. Cafe gallery. Barcelona. Spain

"Continents Refound. Continents Retrobats."

MYSTIC. Barcelona. Spain


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Jose Maria Velasco Gallery. INBA. CONACULTA. Mexico City

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