Painting Art by
Sebastián Moreno Coronel
Arte pictórico

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Welcome to my world of homoerotic art!

I have created this website for you, a fan or collector of the human form, human emotions, and human experiences of all kind but specially love and eroticism between gay men.

I am Sebastian Moreno Coronel an artist devoted to the male nude figure in painting, as well as love, passion and homoeroticism.

All available paintings for sale include shipping costs in the listed price. 

You can also commission any work you want, be it digital or real. In drawing, painting, watercolor, acrylic, oil or mixed techniques.

It is my deepest desire that through my work, brave men who dare to love other men feel proud. In body, soul, mind and spirit. With each part of his being, merging into one, in all positions and by all possible means.

Because the nature of love is one. And the only unnatural thing is to destroy each other, through prejudices, morals and absurd blame.

So be it.